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My name is Sagar Bansal. I am a celebrity wealth management expert, A google listed author, Amazon’s bestseller, mentor to over 110,000 investors all around the world.

Doesn’t matters if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional. Everyone needs help and there are things you can not learn through recorded video lessons. This is why I started these live coaching sessions.

People waste a ton of money while learning without a mentor. Don’t Do The Same Mistake, Let me help you out!

3 Problems I Can Help You To Solve

Problem #1
Fear & Confusion

It looks so easy and clear on historical charts but when you sit on the live market, everything is confusing. You fell the inability to take decisions, there is always a fear of being wrong. Things become unclear.

Guess What, This is the biggest issue every technical analyst faces. What if I can sit with you and guide you step by step on real-time data in a live market. Will that help?

Problem #2
Profit Profit Profit

If you are not able to sustain your profits and you regularly end up making all your wins into losses, you are not alone.

About 92% of traders are not able to book profits in the first place and if they can, they lose it all in their future trades. Let me hear you out, tell me what do you feel and We can fix this together

Problem #3
Inconsistent System

Do you keep on bouncing from one thing to another and never master one? This is very common among people and we call it the Shiny Object Syndrome.

Let me understand your thought process and give you a consistent trading system that you can follow for the rest of your life. The right tools, right market, right time, you name it.

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