Market Secrets

It looks so easy and clear on historical charts but when you sit on the live market, everything is confusing. You fell the inability to take decisions, there is always a fear of being wrong. Things become unclear.

Guess What, This is the biggest issue every technical analyst faces. This book will give you a frst hand prespective on how I think while trading,

Trading Mindset

If you are not able to sustain your profits and you regularly end up making all your wins into losses, you are not alone.

About 92% of traders are not able to book profits in the first place and if they can, they lose it all in their future trades. This workbook contains exercises that will help you develop the right trading mindset for sustainable success.

Technical Analysis

Enrolled in our technical analysis courses? This cheat sheet will save you many hours providing a summary of key concepts on trading.

Options Trading

Options Trading can be tough as there are so many complex calculations one must do all the time, This cheat sheet can be very handy to remember things.